Tyne and Wear: Ward Voting Summaries, 1973-2015

I have posted various of these Ward Voting Summaries for Tyne and Wear on Twitter @TyneWearElects. However, for the first time, I bring you the complete Tyne and Wear Ward Voting Summaries from 1973-2015 –

Tyne and Wear – Ward Voting Summaries, 1973-2015


A few things to note, all of the Tyne and Wear councils are Metropolitan Boroughs and held their first elections on 10th May 1973. Most wards were three members wards, but a handful were six member wards (electing two members per year after the 1973 election). This was the case until 1982, when new boundaries were introduced to all Tyne and Wear councils. All councils elected three members in the first election under the new boundaries, apart from Newcastle which elected one member per year from 1982-84, then held regular elections after that.

These boundaries lasted over 22 years until there were again complete boundary changes in 2004. This time all five Tyne and Wear councils elected three members per ward on 10th June 2004. The convention is that each wards third councillor (the councillor which received the least amount of winning votes in 2004) would face re-election first in 2006, the second ward councillor in 2007 and the first in 2008. The same rule applied to all previous all-up elections after other complete boundary changes.

Some years there have been unscheduled double member elections in certain wards when a ward member not scheduled for election has resigned, died or left for whatever other reason. These elections have been treated as by-elections and are not counted in the summaries.

If you spot any errors please let me know by either leaving a comment or contacting me on Twitter @TyneWearElects.


Tyne and Wear: Ward Voting Summaries, 1973-2015

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